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Ivy League MBA/MS in NYC for experienced healthcare leaders

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A combination of business breadth and healthcare depth

Offered on alternating weekends in New York City, the Cornell Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership is ideal for high-achieving, mid- to senior-level professionals across the healthcare industry, including clinicians and non-clinicians alike, who are seeking to advance their careers and make an impact as leaders within the healthcare industry. The curriculum equips professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their industry in transformation and innovation. 

What makes the Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership program unique?

 A Powerful Partnership
As the only dual-degree program of its kind in the Ivy League, you will earn both an MBA from Cornell Johnson and an MS in Healthcare Leadership from Weill Cornell. 

Clinical and non-clinical cohort composition
This program ensures that each cohort is composed of students from all areas of the healthcare ecosystem and includes both clinicians and non-clinicians. Extensive diversity of perspectives provides you with the opportunity to engage and collaborate with cross-functional industry stakeholders in an immersive learning environment.  

Comprehensive and applied curriculum with experiential learning components
Students develop strong management and business skills and a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. The Capstone project allows students the opportunity to collaborate within cross-functional teams while consulting with an industry partner to address real-world challenges, all while applying skills learned from their academic coursework.

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2 Degrees
Diverse Perspectives
22 Months